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Regulus Black
6 August
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[Character info]

Name: Regulus Acamar Black
Age/Birthday:Fourteen/August 6th 1961
House: Slytherin

Physical Description (be specific): Regulus is rather tall for his age, standing a few inches above most of the boys in his year, but at 5’8, he is still shorter than his older brother, Sirius. Actually, sometimes Regulus feels as if looking in the mirror is like seeing his brother in a rather distorted window. Although they share similar features, Regulus’ appear softer in a way that he just can’t quite put his finger on, his eyes are a much darker shade of grey, and if he waits too long between trims his hair has the tendency to curl slightly. His smiles are usually the fake kind that one would find in family photos taken fifteen minutes or so after a huge row. Very rarely does it reach his eyes. His body is thin and wiry and generally makes him look like a child in a body that’s been stretched out just a little too much.

Personality Description (please also include 15 words that describe your character): Regulus hardly knows who he is most of the time, becoming skilled at a young age at juggling two different masks, one to please his parents and another to please his brother. As he grew older and met more people, the number of people who expected different things out of him grew as well, and he learned to adapt to the new roles placed upon him. Under each mask is yet another, and it’s been that way for so long that he doesn’t know any other way to be. Being alone frightens him, because it’s rather like sitting in a room with a stranger. If he had enough time to himself, he may begin to form his own thoughts, his own opinions, and then he’d no longer be able to parrot back what whoever he was talking to at the moment wanted to hear from him. He’s fairly comfortable with there being no centre there, it’s how he’s always been. There are times, though, when he drops the masks that he wears just enough to let his true personality shine through, but it’s very rare and he fails to even notice it himself. That part of him is, strangely, too alien for him to recognize it.

15 words: naïve, spoiled, obedient, reflection, acting, pretending, perfectionist, youngest, affectionate, clingy, child, introverted, family centric, insecure, brat

Family Background (blood lines, family personality/outlook): Regulus is the youngest son of Orion and Walburga Black, and in fact is the youngest of all the Black children. For the most part, he cares for his entire family, no matter what side they stand on any issues or whatever their feelings towards him may be, as they were all that he knew for the first eleven years of his life. He wishes that Andromeda and Sirius didn’t cause as much friction within the family as they do, especially his brother as it feels as if he’s always thrown in the middle when Sirius and their parents are fighting. It shouldn’t feel that way, as it seems most of the time as Sirius just thinks of him as someone he has to live with and not a brother, a fact that he tries to ignore. Orion and Walburga dote on him as the favourite child, placing him on a very wobbly marble pedestal that Regulus feels, most of the time, is on the verge of tipping over. He learned years ago to try and balance himself upon it by imitating exactly what they wanted to see and hear from him when they were around. It wasn’t long before he was doing the same with the rest of his family members, attempting to be the perfect nephew, perfect brother, perfect cousin, not that it worked with everyone.

Personal History (exactly that, personal history): If you asked him, Regulus would say that he was a happy child. He had a large extended family, his parents spoiled him, and he never really wanted for anything. Sure, he and his brother didn’t always get along, even though he tried, but do siblings ever really always get along? Of course, he felt from a young age the pressure to be absolutely perfect that most children don’t experience until their last few years of school, but he never knew anything other than that. He never really had much to do with children outside his own family, so he figured all families were exactly the same. Most of the time he still does. Growing up, his brother and cousins were his only playmates, and as they grew up and started leaving him for Hogwarts, he started to feel pretty alone. By the time he was ten and seeing Sirius and Nacissa off, he tried to stow away on the train. He still thinks that he would have gotten away with it if he hadn’t chosen to hide under a seat in the prefect’s car. That was probably the only time in his life that his mother has ever yelled at him or that his parents had ever punished him, and it’s not really an experience he’d like to repeat. In fact, after seeing the way his parents acted when his brother was sorted into Gryffindor, when it became his turn, he quietly threatened to make the sorting hat the perfect size for a doll if it put him anywhere but Slytherin. Even though he didn’t yet have the ability to follow through on this, it did get him what he wanted. Even though he made his own friends within his House, he resents Sirius’ for taking his brother away from him. He also sometimes finds it maddening to have all of his older cousins in the same House, even though he really wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s become quite a perfectionist since he’s entered Hogwarts, overtaxing himself on schoolwork so his parents will never have any cause to complain about him. He loves Ancient Runes, tolerates History of Magic as a necessary evil, and considers Transfiguration a complete and utter waste of time. Most of his dorm-mates are starting to discover girls, but he still has no interest in them at all. If asked, he’ll just say that fourteen is really too young to care about that sort of thing, but in reality it’s because he started noticing other boys last year. He hasn’t let anyone know that he think he may be gay, after all that may be the one thing that could permanently kick him from the position of favourite son.